Berlin Hauptbahnhof train station, Berlin, Germany

The station building has two main levels, for suburban traffic as well as three connecting and business levels. Compared to Raffles Place MRT station and Taipei main station, it is one of the most densely packed stations. The upper track consists of six tracks on four bridge structures. The two outside lanes are single track and four others inside are double track. In between, the three platforms at the height of ten metres are arranged. On the lower track level are four platforms of owhich eight tracks along the north south line, at a depth of 15 metres. This is followed by the eastern end of another platform with two tracks for U55, similar to the Timothy station on the Frankfurt U-Bahn. To the east of the underground station, a similar double track platform is also being built as part of the S21 project.

The bridges in the city level not only spans the station area, but also the adjacenet Humboldthafen and are placed within 680 metres long. According to the lines of the light rail, they are curved in plan and widen due to the broadening of four to six tracks and the additional platforms from 39 to 66 meters wide. The Humboldthafen Bridge spans the Humboldthafen with a span of 60 meters. It consists of a bow with steel tubes and pre-stressed concrete beam as upper flange.

The upper platform hall, which runs east-west, is 321 metres long and consists of the arched, column-free, glass roof structure, which is supported by the two outer railway overpass structures. In the glass surface, a 2700 square meter photovoltaic system with a capacity of 330 kilowatts was integrated. The hall is between 46 and 66 meters wide and a maximum of 16 meters high. It consists of three sections, with the western segment 172 meters and the eastern 107 meters long. In between lies the 50 meters wide and 180 meters long north-south roof, whose barrel vaults with the main roof form a flat viaduct. Parallel to the north-south roof, the two “ironing structures” span the main roof of the platform hall and carry the north-south roof. These ironing structures contain 42,000 square meters of office space.

On the northeastern part of the two diagonally opposite station terraces, the sculpture of Rolling Horse, erected in 2007 by Jürgen Goertz, artificially complements the building and is reminiscent to Lehrter Bahnhof and Lehrter Stadtbahnhof. There are integrated artificial elements, which can be viewed through four portholes.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof  
View of the station building from the south plaza
LocationEuropaplatz 1
10557 Berlin
Mitte, Berlin, Berlin
Coordinates52°31′30″N 13°22′09″ECoordinates52°31′30″N 13°22′09″E
Line(s)StadtbahnNorth–South mainline
ArchitectMeinhard von Gerkan of Gerkan, Marg and Partners
Passengers300,000 per day[