Computer Guidelines and Standards – AIA CAD LAYER GUIDELINES

Layer Name Components

The following tables provide the primary components of possible major and minor group designations, as well as general and specialized discipline designators. Taken all toghether, these tables should provide sufficient information for most layers neded in the discipline of architecture. Space does not permit such lists for all related disciplines.

Drawing View Field Codes

Drawing view field codes are specialized codes for layers organized primarily by drawing type (details, elevations and sections) rather than by major building systems. DETL, ELEV, and SECT are the only field codes allowed as either a major or a minor group.

Where layers are organised by drawing type, an optional alphanumeric minor group field (ANNN) can be used to modify a drawing view as a major group. The code cannot be used to modify any other major group, and must consist of an alphabetic character followed by the user.

Minor group field codes for material cut (MCUT), material beyond cut (MBND), textures and hatch patterns (PATT), component identification numbers (IDEN), and outline of object (OTLN) may be used to modify either major or minor groups.